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Welcome to the free service «Visual bookmarks»!

For what and for whom need this service ? Initially, no service is not conceived , and even more so was not thinking to put this work in the public domain. The service was developed by me for " internal use" , but somehow imperceptibly he began to use the first of my friends and acquaintances , then friends of friends , etc. I have been working with the internet, and all the while experiencing discomfort in keeping links to sites . When storing them in a browser , the number of links very quickly grows to an enormous size , and each time more and more difficult to find those sites that are used constantly . This problem first tried to solve the browser "Opera", which made its interface to the Quick Launch toolbar . I enjoyed it very much , but soon surfaced the same drawback , as I said above - the number of sites that need to be always at hand is growing, and all the icons sites placed on the same page . Back to square one , trying to get away from anything ! !

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